Tips for Stopping/Reducing Gambling

Here are a series of "tips" that may help individuals affected by excessive gambling. Of course, not all of these will be realistic or effective for ever player. Individuals should use their creativity and test out the strategies they have selected.

Tips for Managing Money

Tips for Managing Gambling

External Support

Carry only a small amount of money on you

Leave debit and credit cards at home

Cancel your credit cards

Ask your bank to fix a maximum daily withdrawal limit (for example 40 Francs)

Learn how to live within a budget that is realistic for your income and expenses.

Ask for advice from a social service or a debt counselling agency, in order to manage your finances and debts.

Put in place standing orders for standard bills (rent, insurances etc.)

For casinos, use the "self-exclusion" service, or the "visitation agreement", to limit the amount of visits and their duration.

For electronic lotteries, such as Tactilo, it is possible to make agreements with the vendors

Arrange some enjoyable activities and do not punish yourself

Regularly think of things that motivate you to stop gambling

Consider activities that you have enjoyed in the past and that you have given up due to gambling

Plan activities, other than gambling for the days that you receive your salary

Try to spot things that cause you problems

Try to avoid going to places where you can gamble, for a while

Change your routine, to make sure that you do not come across opportunities to gamble

At gambling establishments, keep yourself as far as possible from the games, avoid speaking about gambling, try to modify your usual habits

Give your credit cards to a friend or family member that you trust

Ask for a co-signatory for bank withdrawals

Speak to someone that you trust, about your gambling difficulties

Tell those close to you not to give you money

Take someone with you when you are withdrawing money


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